Thursday, August 14, 2008


What is stuff anyway? Why is there so much of it?

Sometimes, I'll have an almost out of body experience looking at a display of merchandise. The questions start to come...who designed that? why? what's the purpose? how did they feel when they created it? did they know it would break after only one use?

Stuff. Can we just heave it all into space?


Martha said...

Stuff keeps the economy moving-or so they want us to think. I applaud your constant effort to move the stuff out of your life & replace it with life. I use your blog for inspiration to move my stuff on out the door also.

Anonymous said...

I visited the "new" South Center Mall this afternoon where I have to admit that the architects did a good job of integrating the old with the new. The IKEA-like clothing store had good prices but not my idea of fashion. Main purpose of going was to match a 3 year old Lands' End knit jacket with a new pair of knit pants that fit. Clerk couldn't believe jacket was that old. I told her Lands' End held their shape and value. Ended up purchasing pants from catalogue as Sears doesn't carry knits.

Rest of time was spent people watching..... and wondering, too, on the WHY..... (besides the capitalistic market reasons)....

I've lost enough weight that I NEED new clothes but to buy new (or used) replacements seems a bit selfish. But I enjoy giving away the old too-large ones.

Momma P