Monday, September 01, 2008

Dump Run

I got a brilliant idea in the shower, where all good ideas descend upon one's wet brain. A dump run! Take away the old appliances and the pile-O-junk that's been ripening in the garage since the Spring.

We usually go to a city dump (aka "transfer station") but it's usually hell on a Saturday. So, after a little research, we learned that about another local dump, not closer but easier to get to, would take the appliances for recycling at a cost to us of $10 each. The whole family had to come along, since Sweetie needed my help to get that enormous range out of the truck. Took both of us, a ramp and levers to get it in! And the place was empty, so no waiting. Our new dump of choice!

After we got home, we loaded the truck again with the pile-O-junk, including the old kitchen sink and some 8' flourescent bulbs.

Sweetie is happy, since he can park in the garage again.

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