Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's still strange

I put the kids on the bus again. The substitute driver was driving so I still haven't yet met their regular driver.

The little one dropped a bottle of salad dressing and it stained my new jeans. I am royally pissed and hoping I can get the stain out. It's soaking with stain remover now...

And, one of my contact lenses cracked this morning. I'm wearing my glasses and have to keep moving my head up and down to see properly. I am very nearsighted and chose small lenses to keep them light. Well, that means a small area of clear vision. Still waiting for the eye doc to call me back.

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Anonymous said...

Try Clorox 2 if your stain remover doesn't work. I put it on stains then throw them in the wash. If it's bad I let the Clorox 2 sit on the fabric for 15-20 minutes, then wash.

I'm sorry about your contact lens! I cracked one once when I was still wear RGP. I was incredibly stupid, though, and wore it for several days, without thinking about possible damage to my eye. Hang in there, hopefully you'll hear from the eye doctor soon. kcn