Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Food Clutter: It came from the garage

We still have boxes of food in the garage. It's mostly clutter, in that it's not stuff we use or need. Some is stuff I wasn't sure what to do with. That big bottle of almond extract from Smart & Final...expired years ago, but still smelled good last time I checked. Well, it's gone now. I took a look out there and grabbed a box of bottles, mostly sauces and vinegars, and checked dates, did the sniff test and the look test.

Kahlua liquer from a trip to Mexico...in 1997. That bottle of almond extract went down the drain. I noticed that the plastic of the bottle had started to discolour. Old vinegars, bought who knows when, rarely used. A bottle of dry sherry--I didn't know if it was still good because I don't drink dry sherry, but it did not smell appetizing. A bottle of a favourite seasoning sauce that was out of date and just looked off. I suspect it had gotten lost in the cupboard, since there was a new bottle in another box of the garage.

Yes, it is wasteful. I know that. I like to cook and experiment, and that means trying new things. What I need to learn is that if we try a new seasoning and no one likes it, to toss it right away. Or offer it on Freecyle. Whatever, just get it out of the house. It's not going to get tastier sitting around in the cupboard. My new kitchen feels quite spare compared to the old, and I really like that feeling. I'm still cooking dinners every night, and the family is enjoying them. This is good. This is enough.


Monica said...

Keep posting the kitchen decluttering! It's keeping me motivated. :) I'm concentrating on cleaning out my freezer. I've got a long way to go.

Beth said...

I just had to comment... In no way could a bottle of Kaluha ever get "old" in my house, let alone expire! :)
Way to fling!
BTW I've been making the morrocan chicken with prunes for people when they come over for dinner, and can attest that your cooking and experimenting is worth a few wasted bottles.

Chief Family Officer said...

I agree with Monica, your decluttering posts are very inspiring - keep it up!