Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tea Clutter

This is a box of tea. Mystery tea. Old tea. Newish tea. Good tea. Tea that no one likes. Tea.

I drink tea. Once in a while. I prefer coffee in the morning. Sweetie drinks tea every day, but he's quite particular about what he'll drink, and the teas that he likes are in his tea cupboard in the kitchen. This box of teas has been sitting in the basement since March, when I removed everything from the cupboards.

Some of the teas are ones I thought I should like (aspirational teas if you will), some just plain looked good but didn't taste as good as I had hoped.

Why do I keep them? Because I paid good money for them! Because they're perfectly good! Because because because!!!

They can go on Freecycle. Perhaps I'll list them today...


Monica said...

Gulp. I'm guilty of tea clutter. I drink it more in the cooler months. Sometimes I forget it is in the pantry.
Oh, I have become hooked on Paperbackswap. :)

Anonymous said...

And then there are the tea balls, hinged tea spoons, and cute little ceramic two-piece and three-piece tea-making devices that "we" purchase for ourselves when we visited that quaint island city across the Straits! And even more tea from Murchies. I have to agree.... some of it sounds better than it tastes.

Momma Pauline