Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Close Escape

Reader, I went to Target. I had coupons, they had Halloween stuff at 75% off. I was tempted. So tempted that I filled a hand-basket.

I'd gone there to get a pair of pants for the Big One. She's very specific about what she'll wear and what she won't. One of her favorite pairs of pants is wearing out; it came from Target's Circo line. Circo pants in that same style are on sale this week, so I wanted to buy her a replacement pair.

Circo stuff is so inexpensive new, I hate to buy it used, especially since it's often priced the same or more (!) at the thrift stores than new at Target.

I found a pair, and that's when I got in trouble. I looked at the Halloween stuff. Gosh, 75% off! And they had these cute little Barbie's little sister Kelly dolls dressed in Halloween costumes. Gosh, I could sell those on eBay. Golly, what a deal.

And those coupons. There's a special going for Glade holiday scent air fresheners and candles. I had coupons, yeah. But I don't need any. I really really don't.

So, I got smart, put down the basket, picked up the pants (what I had come in the store for), bought them. And left.


paisley penguin said...

Kudos to you!

Monica said...

Way to go! Doesn't it feel good? :)