Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Letting Go

of the Crock-Pot box.

I bought a new Crock-Pot a few weeks ago. I'd wanted a white one with more features and finally found a good price at a local store. With a 10% coupon, it was an even better deal. Oh, and there's a $5 rebate. Yay!

I keep boxes. And I kept this box for a few weeks. I wanted to make sure the Crock-Pot worked properly and that it fit on my counter.

In the past, I would have kept the box. Just in case, you know. Tucked it in the garage or basement.

Today, I broke it down and took it out to the recycling bin.

Can I get a "yay"?


Anonymous said...

I feel your angst at making the decision to discard..... "it's such a cute box, I tell my sweetie...I never saw a box I didn't want to keep. And, I heard that Aunt C is keeping her moving boxes. It's hereditory, so watch the kids!"

Good for you!

Momma P

Anonymous said...

Yay! Now if I can only train my DH to 'let them go'.....kcn

Anonymous said...