Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crossword mania

A few years ago, I got into crosswords. I'd avoided them before that, but for some reason, I started working a Sunday New York Times puzzle and became entranced. Soon, I was doing the daily crossword and reading books about them.

Can you tell what's in the photo below? Yup, a whole stack of Sunday crosswords. Our paper has both the NY Times puzzle and the Merl Reagle (a very punny puzzle). I don't always have time on Sunday to do the puzzle, so I save them. And save them. And before you know it, there's a rather tall stack.

Should I recycle them? Continue to save them? Dear Reader, help!

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Anonymous said...

Since the local paper has them on-line, I would trash them. I admire you for NOT doing anything until the crossword puzzles are done. That's why we don't subscribe to the paper; nothing would get done done until the puzzles were finished! But our brains would remain fully functional, according to the research.

Momma P