Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Donations ready!

I've got five bags of donations in the trunk, ready to drop off at St. Vincent de Paul, my current fave. They have easy drop-off and a poor selection of women's clothing so I'm not tempted to go in.

Still haven't been to Target to return those pants, but I'll go this week and get it taken care of.

The major gift-giving holiday of the year is just around the corner...


paisley penguin said...

Awesome! We donated a trunk load last weekend and it felt great!

Anonymous said...

I've got another sack started, too. I hate to say "Good-bye" to oxford shirts that I've been wearing for years, but anymore, they h a n g on me besides looking really tired. However, I cut the sizes out long ago, so I don't know what replacement size to buy. Do I really need any?

Momma P