Sunday, November 02, 2008

Old Floppy Discs

We have several boxes of old large floppy discs. These were DH's grandpa's, for his IBM PC. Grandpa was an early adopter and shifted all his letter writing and business to the IBM. We had the actual computer (I think?) for a while, but it's long gone. Still, what to do with the floppies?

I was all for tossing them, but DH hesitated, so we wait.

I'll post a picture when my camera battery recharges.


Anonymous said...

Since I know of whom you write, I suggest contacting Oregon Historical Society to see what archival entity would be interested in having them after you explain the connection of him to his major stockholder (who also is a biggie here in WA). Increasingly, we who do research will be using this format for necessary background information as we write documents to comply with state and federal environmental and societal impact reports (such as my current Lighthouse project). I hope the libraries and National Archives keep the older devices around to read the old floppies.

Momma P

Debbie said...

I found your blog yesterday and have been encouraged to declutter my life as well! Thanks!

Kendra said...

I went to a craft fair last weekend and saw a cute display of the old 5" floppies that had been glued together into colorful "stuff" cubes. I guess they'd be cool in an office to store pencils, rubber bands, etc. Just an idea about a way to recycle the physical disks if that's something you're interested in!