Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Keeping the Momentum

Well, hello friends;

I've finished Karen Kingston's wonderful little book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, and have started reading it again. My dear husband has also started reading it. He's enthusiastic about clutter clearing, but for some reason, his enthusiasm brings up feelngs of ... struggle, resistance...what else? in me. I have to think on that one.

The past few days I've been battling vertigo (dizziness mostly, no nausea this time). It came on the day after we returned from a nice, refreshing trip. I was away for four nights. When the attack came on, it felt like it was the house, that I was in a toxic environment and it was making me sick. My first feelings on re-entering the house after being gone were: disgust, disbelief, fear, anger, hatred, abhorance.

So, I took action. Despite my vertigo, I took care of the jars (see below for proof). Today, I worked on my cookbook shelves. I love cookbooks, I have many of them. Now, twenty are stacked on the kitchen counter, waiting for a box to take them away. Of course, part of me will want to sell them. But I also want to just give them away and let them bless someone else. I'll tell you what I decide.

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