Thursday, July 06, 2006

They say take it one step at a time

But if you only take small steps, while you may get somewhere, it'll take forever. Yesterday, I was able to drop off three bags of items at the local thrift store. For the first time in memory, I cleaned out my dresser, put the items I don't wear into a bag, and within only two days, took the bag away.

Don't get me wrong, I *am* able to get things out of the house (OTD, or 'out the door' as one of my favourite cleaning and recovery gurus puts it). But it's hard. And it takes me a long time to realize that something is genuinely not useful for my life, whereas someone who doesn't have a problem with hoarding can simply toss or donate what doesn', look good, what have you. That's the distinction and what part of me longs for--the ability to say goodbye with little fanfare to those excess things.

Here are some images of the things I donated.

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