Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Welcome to my Cluttered World

Many people hang onto things. Some have collections. Some know they have too much. They may use a term like 'clutterbug', 'keeper', 'collector'. When does a bit too much stuff around the house turn into a health problem? Where does one draw the line?

Like any other personal characteristic or challenge, the line comes when your life is affected adversely. It's the same way one distinguishes a social drinker from an alcoholic. Someone who just has a lot of stuff from a hoarder.

Hoarders have difficulty making decisions. It's hard for us to tell the difference between something genuinely important and something that is not. Some of us save garbage (luckily, that has not befallen me!). Some focus on the detritus of childhood. Others just save stuff. It comes into our homes with ease, but sticks around and takes up permanent residence. Evicting the excess is the goal of many hoarders in recovery.

Just as in a 12 step program like AA, admitting that one is powerless over the problem is the first step. Personally, I have been battling this problem for decades.

Here, you can join me on my quest for a cure. I am admitting I need help. Perhaps my struggles will shed some light on this problem (disease? illness? addiction?) and help others.

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Tabitha said...

I know this is an old post, but I hope you're doing well with your struggles with too much stuff. I'm tunneling through my "crapola" too. -Tabitha