Friday, July 07, 2006


There's a peculiar joy in watching other people purge their stuff. In the past year or so, HGTV, TLC and a few other specialty television channels have featured shows that help homeowners to purge their stuff. One show focuses on one room, and has the homeowners move all the stuff out onto their lawn and separate it into piles. Other shows have the organizer taking a larger role and making decisions for the homeowner.

While I can watch these shows, having this happen to me is a personal nightmare. I know I have too much stuff. I know a lot of it is just junk. But don't take my choice away from me. And...don't take my stuff. That's the key difference between someone with a bit of clutter and a hoarder--us hoarders get emotionally attached. We have a hard time accepting any help, because it's all just too personal.

* * *

Even my pantry suffers. My dear husband has a hard time finding anything (is it any wonder he seldom cooks???). Here's a shot of one shelf:

I just have too much! Every once in a while, I consider taking everything canned, boxed etc. to the local Food Bank. But something stops me...maybe I know I'll just fill up the space again.

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