Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tackling the Garage: Part Two

I'll post some pictures this afternoon, but for now, here's a brief update.

This morning, we got up early (it's horribly, awfully, ickily, stickily hot here), around 7 a.m. to load up the truck. We had to remove the canopy to fit everything in. The destination? The Dump (aka the Transfer Station). The Load? A dryer, a water heater, an old icky couch, three bags of trash, a broken gas grill, an old art project, the blinds that were installed when we moved in (ten years ago, and they've been in the garage for almost that long), misc bits of metal, wood, and other garbage.

What a relief to have all that drive off! The bill was less than $40; why did we wait so long to get rid of all that junk? How much of our time has been wasted by it--moving it, avoiding it, just seeing it taking up space?

We took a break, then moved on to the garage attic, which is full of strange junk left by the previous owners. We found many parts of projects--cut sheetrock, boards, plywood, broken flourescent tubes, a mouse's nest, empty anti-breeze bottles, bits of metal, an old medicine cabinet, cardboard boxes, parts to an old wooden boat, two ancient captain's chairs and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh, we also found a really cute white wood child's twin size bed. All parts are there, and it's in nice shape.

Craig's List came in handy again. We sold our Yakima bicycle car rack (made to fit a car with rain gutters...we haven't owned a car with rain gutters for over ten years). We considered selling a computer desk, but we'd have to put it together to make it look presentable for a photo and it doesn't feel worth it. We'll try donating it, then another trip to the dump if that fails.

Here's the computer desk. The charity *did* take it and even helped unload.

This is the current junk heap--the cardboard is headed for recycling, the foam thingy and bits of wood for the dump on our next dump load.

A view of the garage attic. We've been removing junk that two (possibly more) previous owners accumulated. Once it's cleaned out, it'll hold those empty boxes that you need to hold onto--computer, tv, etc.

Here's the free pile as of early afternoon yesterday. Since then, the fireplace accessory and the pot plants have gone.

The heaviest item to leave the premises!

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