Friday, March 09, 2007

Closet Clear Out

Moving onto the rest of my closet (again, as inspired by "It's All Too Much"), I tackled my other drawers and my hanging clothes. I didn't choose many things to cull, about eight pairs of pants & jeans, a pair of jammies I never wear, a skirt that may be from the 1980's, but I reorganized every drawer so that there is now empty space and it is easier to find what I need.

For example, the other day I had planned a walk around a small local lake that features a walking path. Problem: rainy, windy, friggin' cold weather and I couldn't find my Polartec pants. Without them, shiver city. Turned out I didn't go for the walk, and guess what I found in the bottom of one of my over-stuffed drawers? Not one, not even two, but three pairs of Polartec pants. Obviously, a dresser clear-out had been overdue.

In other news, I listed an item on our local Freecycle. I'd tried to sell it on Craig's List, but no-one followed through. Also listed two double strollers I no longer need on Craig's List. Let's hope they sell and fast; proceeds go into the beer fund.

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