Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Session with Clutter Buddy

We've been needing to buy new computers for quite a while. Our laptop and main desktop are old, slow and frustrating to use. Since I do my work on the computer, I need one that functions properly.

To prepare, I had to clean out the area around my computer. It's cluttered. It's messy. There are boxes of miscellaneous items, boxes of identifiable items that don't really have a home, boxes of oh, who knows what! Clutter Buddy volunteered to come over and help me move things out the door and around to clear some space.

Well, it was tough. Actually, it was friggin' hard. I didn't want to say 'thank you' when CB left because, frankly, I didn't feel thankfull. I felt bereft. She took my pile of donations away, to donate. She made strongly worded suggestions about what to keep and what to give away. She was actually stern.

I did not have fun.

Perhaps tomorrow I will feel more at rest. Today, I suffered.

Clutter sucks man. It really really sucks.

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Jay Bazuzi said...

I hope you feel better tomorrow. I know that at the end of every decluttering session, I feel emotionally drained (same as after having a big talk with my spouse) and at the same time, I feel lighter - like a burden has been lifted (again, same as after a big talk with my spouse).

I spend most of today studying & selecting components for a computer. If you want any help picking out a new PC, drop me a line.