Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spend Wisely

Dilly, over at What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe, has an insightful article on value. Her blog's focus is fashion, not just high fashion, but rather how YOU can look good every day. This particular post focuses on value, perceived, and actual. She advises spending wisely, but not cheaply. Wouldn't you rather have a few nice things that suit your style than an overstuffed closet of crap that makes you look like a hag?

Yeah, me too!

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Jay Bazuzi said...

One of my de-cluttering slogans is that I want to get to the point where I am surrounded only by things that I love.

That doesn't mean throwing everything I don't love away and replacing it immediately.

It does mean only being surrounded by a few things, because every thing carries the hateful burden of clutter.

It's a nice slogan because it's positve.