Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Inspired by "It's All Too Much"

Peter Walsh, of "Clean Sweep" fame, has a new book out now called "It's All Too Much". It's different from many organizing books in that his main message is "Get rid of your stuff!!". He doesn't pull any punches, rather like Karen Kingston in fact. They both emphasize the emotional toll that clutter can take on your family, your health, your life in general.

His book is engaging, with just enough anecdotes to keep you from feeling that your house is the "worst house ever", and no annoying mostly blank pages that consist of questions for you to answer--I really hate books that do that!

Inspired by his chapter on closets and clothing, I took a brief tour of one of my dresser drawers. I did pick the easiest one, my t-shirt drawer. I had culled it fairly recently, but I still found five shirts (including two I have NEVER worn), a pair of shorts and a pair of socks to donate. I did my sock area too, pairing them up and setting aside the lonely socks. I know I have mates for them, they're just in the laundry. Really!
Here's a shot of what I'm letting go:

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