Saturday, August 18, 2007

Heading on to Denver

Yesterday, we started in Foristell, Missouri and slept in Hays, Kansas. On the way, we stopped for some Kansas City BBQ. I looked up some reviews on, my favourite foodie forum, and chose LC's. Well, also, it was the only one I could even vaguely locate on the not-so-detailed city insert to our state map of Missouri. Very tasty ribs! We ordered the mixed platter with the ribs and for the sliced meats, I just asked for the two most popular, the harried but patient cashier said "turkey and beef" so that's what we had. Beans and fries finished the order. The fries were crispy and so hot. The beans were quite good, meaty and saucy. The ribs were our favourite part, with the sliced beef a close second.

Then, on to Kansas! Kansas looks nothing like I expected. I was anticipating rippling fields of golden wheat, but either that's in another part of the state or we're not here in the right season. We've seen fields of corn, soy, some other field crop (hops?), rolling hills a lot like Ohio, and patches of deciduous trees. Lovely.

We had a brief "I must get out of the car and walk around stop" in Wamego, KS. I saw the sign promoting an OZ museum and that drove us off the freeway. We didn't actually tour the museum, a little too pricey and too much time, but we did look at the gift shop, and wander a little in the quaint downtown. Wamego is apparently a bedroom community of Topeka, because housing prices there seemed very, very high. More like our part of the country than the great plains.

Last night's hotel had a great pool, with a long section of shallow two foot water, so the Little One could explore. We had a great swim, and a good night's rest.

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