Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memories and Trash

This umbrella...well, I've owned it since 1988. I bought it for about 100NT in Taipei, Taiwan, during the rainy season. I'm not really an umbrella type, but in Taipei, in the rainy season, without an umbrella you'll be drenched. Since I relied on buses to get around, it was a necessary purchase. For some reason, I kept it in really nice condition. I always kept its cover on when not in use, I let it dry thoroughly before putting it away. After so many years, it was essentially a new umbrella.
Then, the Little One discovered it. After surviving many months of torturous play, it lost the battle. The handle snapped, the spokes rusting. Now, it's just garbage. I almost put it in the trash bin, as today is trash day, but I paused to take these pictures first. Poor dear umbrella. This is your elegy.


Monica said...

May your umbrella friend rest in peace. I have hidden my umbrella under the front seat of my car. ;)

Mariah said...

Taking pictures is what my SO recommended for items I didn't use or display, but couldn't throw away or donate due to memories. Did it help you?