Friday, August 03, 2007

On the Road: Day 2

Ah, day two, how far away you seem?'s what I think happened. We woke up in Wallace, ID, after a fairly restful night. We had a nice, cheap breakfast (and free wi-fi if you used it out on the patio) at the Red Light Garage around the corner from our hotel, the Stardust.

We drove through the small mining town of Wallace before getting on the road. We were aiming for South Dakota, but knew that was a long shot. We did make it to Laurel, MT, after visiting the old mining town of Philipsburg. About 4 miles of rutted road above the town is the ghost mining town of Granite. Here's my little car on a section of that unpaved, rocky road!

Back about a hundred years ago, it was a bustling town of 3,000. Now, well, here you can see for yourself.

Later, we drove through some amazing scenery, including some really cool rock formations. Here's my little car again, with some striated rocks.

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