Saturday, August 04, 2007

On the Road: Day 3

A three state day! We started the day in Laurel, MT, where we stayed in a clean, reasonably priced Best Western. After a light (included) breakfast, we headed out toward Wyoming, on I-90. We stopped off at the Little Bighorn memorial, which the kids didn't really enjoy--too many signs to read. We stayed too long, since it's very spread out and once you pay your $10, you want to see as much as you can. We then drove to Devil's Tower. We tried to find Close Encounters for the kids to watch, but no luck. Not even the supermarket right in the town nearby carried it. Devil's Tower is where we should have paid the $10 to go in, but at that point, we were getting tired and the kids wouldn't have made it through much of the exhibit. We did see a wild rabbit, tiny and cute.

And then, our third state, South Dakota! We aimed for Rapid City, and made it and then some. We've found a lovely room (at a crazy high price, due to the MOTORCYCLE RALLY IN STURGIS, which is just 20 or so miles away). We drove through Sturgis, and it was something, let me tell you.

Before heading to our hotel, we stopped up at Mt. Rushmore, since the monument is open at night. We saw it lit, glowing against the dark sky. Crazy and amazing... I took some pictures, including some through a telescope.

So tired...

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