Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Very Long Day

Today we woke up in Cheyenne, WY and are going to sleep in Tremonton, UT. We drove about 470 miles, and got stuck in a traffic jam on the top of a mountain pass at the Wyoming-Utah border--forty-five minutes at about 7 miles per hour--torture. We stopped a few times, briefly in Laramie to stretch our legs (and to find a decent cup of ccffee: Coal Creek Coffee). A couple of rest stops, and a market stop in Rawlins and an ice cream stop in Little America--we'd seen the billboards for miles and got sucked in by fifty cent ice cream cones. The ice cream was good, ice milk actually and very refreshing, but the place was not so hot. I wouldn't choose to actually stay there--the signage was confusing and the place just huge. We've been tending toward smaller towns rather than large and that resort/travel center seemed huge.

Now, we're just tired. We were hoping to make it as far as Twin Falls, ID today and that just didn't happen. It means our trip may take an extra day and at this point, we just really want to be home. And, this hotel is pricey for being in such a small town and with no pool or other amenities. The other choice in this town was only $5 less, but no guarantee of internet service. I am feeling ready to be home and hug my cat.

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