Tuesday, June 10, 2008

...and out the door they go!

I took those books (one box, one large bag) straight to the local used/new bookstore. They pay half again as much for trade as for cash, so I took the trade for the books they could use. The rest will go to the second best buying used/new bookstore. Then, the good condition paperbacks will be listed on paperback swap; the rest of them will be donated. There's a book exchange at a local library and at a couple of local coffee shops, I might try that this time instead of the thrift store.

What shall I choose for my store credit?


Anonymous said...

I admire you for taking the step for getting rid of books. Each time I have moved the majority of the weight was in books (the bulk was fabric but we won't go here). I needed my professional books for the job. I needed my cook books 'cause I collect them. I needed my nature and field guides to enlarge my knowledge of nature. I needed my novels for escape. I needed my hisorical books for my curiosity. I needed all the others (travel)for WHY? And then I merged households and was blessed to have space for my bookshelves as well as a lot of empty shelf space. How DOES one pare down?

Momma P

Jay Bazuzi said...

Way to purge books! Books are tough: even when we decide to declutter the junk in our lives, we don't want to get rid of books.

It took me many passes of book purging to get to where I am today. There are maybe a dozen books that I consider "mine", and maybe another 30 that are for grownups: cookbooks, house repair, etc. (Of course there are lots of kid's books, and I don't know how to declutter kid's stuff.)

When we move now, most of the weight is in bookshelves (which once held books).

I hope that one day I'll move on to a boat, at which point I'll have to deal with these issues even more severely.

paisley penguin said...

Good for you getting those books out the door. You must feel so swesome!

Monica said...

Congratulations on paring down your books. :)
I have a question. Do you find that the books you have set aside for paperbackswap get out of hand or do you have a certain number of books just for that site? I was thinking about doing that but I wasn't sure if having the books sitting around would drive me nuts or not. I hope this makes sense. :)