Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Managing the Cookbooks

Last year, I cut way down on my cookbook collection. I sold or donated about a third of what I had. Still, I own a lot of cookbooks! As my kitchen remodel is the only one in history to result in less storage space than before, I'll need to cut down even more.

Before the makeover, I had two shelves mounted high above the refrigerator. These were there when we bought our house; simple painted board on metal bracket shelves. Nothing special. Their placement was awkward and the books got covered with grease and dust. Since we have the Vestfrost now, no shelves would work easily on that wall. And, frankly, I want to keep that wall free. I have a piece of art that I plan to hang there.

I also had a corner shelf that stood next to the range. It held mostly cookbooks. Even though there's more space now next to the range, I don't want to put anything there. Having open space is so very nice!

I've finally decided that one of the lower cabinets will serve as cookbook storage. Being in a cabinet will keep the books dust and grease-free. I'll be choosing what to keep and what to sell in the next few days, and setting up my new cookbook cabinet.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your preserverance!

Even though I have a large cookbook collection that I am very attached to, such as my Grandmother's Food For Fifty second edition, I find that when I want a recipe, I go to the web and search in my 2 favorite sites, Epicurious and AllRecipes. I print the recipe off, and save it, grease-covered, and all. Now I have boxes full of recipes, too! Unorganized. So I print off another copy. HELP!

Momma P

clutter buddy said...

I have 2 cookbooks and a 3-ring binder, that's it. I have The News Basics Cookbook because, well, it covers the basics. I also have a cookbook my mom had when I was little, because it has a lot of the family favorites in it. In the binder I keep recipes I have printed out, but only if I have tried them and I like them. Like Momma P said, most of us look online anyway.

Try this: go through your cookbooks, if the book does not have more than 10 recipes or key pieces of information that you use frequently then toss it. What you can do is photo copy the couple pages of favorites and place them in your 3-ring, then let it go!

The 3-ring binder I have, I purchased at Costco, it came with dividers. But you don't need to get fancy, just get a binder and write out a few dividers, main dishes, sides and salads, whatever catagories you like.

My guess is that like me, you won't miss or even know which books are gone.