Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why I love to travel

Sure, I love to see new places, try new foods and meet new people. But the real reason I love to travel? Because there's so little stuff. I'm a light packer, as you know, so I never have a huge, heavy suitcase to haul. I love an empty, fresh hotel room. I love having all my stuff in one spot, just a few small bags.

There's a testimonial that the Flylady emails out on a regular basis. A woman writes about visiting a comfortable B&B--clean, fresh sheets & towels, a tidy bedroom, a welcoming entryway. Of course, it turns out that it's her own home, after she's become Flywashed! I love that testimonial, but it always feels out of reach. That the claim of the stuff on me is too strong.

As you all mentioned in the comments on my last post, the destination of what I'm letting go of is so important. I want these things to go to someone who will value them, treasure them, tend them. Isn't that crazy? They're just things, bits of plastic and fabric and paper and metal. But it lingers...

Can I just get on a plane already??

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