Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Little Light Entertainment

I have to share this site I came across recently. Passive Aggressive Notes is hilarious. You can submit your own, too.

I took a trunk full of donations out of the house today. They'd been building up in my basement, and I finally had a free car trunk. I sorted, bagged, and planned to drop them all at the Goodwill. But when I got there, not only did the guys working donations act like they couldn't be bothered to help me, but a woman (she was not a lady) in a minivan cut me off. Pissed, I left only a couple of bags there and took the rest to the small, volunteer run City of Hope shop. They were thrilled to get my bags of dishes and kitchen-ware, and chatted amiably.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Which Goodwill did you go to? Maybe leave a message for the manager about the service you encountered, too bad the manager won't be able to do anything about the b$#%^ in the minivan who cut you off. I'm glad someone else treated you nicely, and you could give things to people who wanted them. kc

Monica said...

Oy! I would have been mad too. I like the smaller shops too.