Monday, January 15, 2007

The 50% Goal

When I am ready to move back into the linen closet, I plan to put back no more than 50% of what was in there. I wish I had a picture to show you, but let me just say that every shelf was stuffed (the top shelf up almost to the ceiling), and on the floor were bins full of toiletries and such. We have a small bathroom with almost NO storage. That was done on purpose and it's the least cluttered room in the house. But it means that backups of such things as toilet paper, shampoo, towels, etc, are stored in the linen closet. But I am sure there are things in there that we don't use or need.

Growing up, our linen closet was an endless adventure. You had to watch your head when you opened it, as sheets, towels etc were simply stuffed in there. Boxes held various medicines, Ace bandages, strange electronic devices, etc. You never knew what you might find in there.

I don't want my kids to feel the same way about our linen closet. It's a place to store sheets and towels, tablecloths and napkins, basics like toilet paper and shampoo. Little else belongs there.

The decisions will be hard. How many sets of sheets do we need for each bed? Blankets? Where to store those extras? Should I have bought the Space Bag set advertised on TV?


Jay Bazuzi said...

Good plan.

Next time we move house, my plan is to get rid of 1/2 of what we own. Then 1/2 of what's left will go in to storage. Then we'll fit in a small home.

The real reason for the storage is to have a place to put things that I should get rid of, but can't come to terms with yet. It's a hedge.

For bed sheets, I don't think it's worth having more than 2 sets per bed. If most or all of your beds are the same size, you can share sheets between them.

In the US everyone wants a big bed. Julie & I are a lot bigger today then when we got together a decade ago, but at the time we often shared a *single* matress. (Not a twin; really a single.) If we could do that then, there's no reason that a double (aka full) isn't enough today.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on getting rid of so much stuff! I've read almost all of your blog and I'm very impressed!

Anonymous said...

We only have 2 sets per bed (one on the bed). I actually store our bed linens in an under-the-bed storage box. The vacuum space thing is good for storing quilts/down comforters over the summer (and they vaccuum and fit under the bed also).

We also only have 2 towels per family member (and some old bath towels- one each for swimming/ beach use). Our linen closet is quite petite but holds our meds, 4 towels, hair care and personal care products, a tote of cleaning supplies, and extra TP. Our closet is (1 ft X 1 ft X 6.5 ft).

You keep on simplifying!!! Life is good with less stuff!!!!

-Beth (miss you btw!)

Bellen said...

My mother had us take a bath/shower every night and we had to change our towel & washcloth every day and there were 5 of us!! She had at least 5 towels per person and did those loads of laundry 3 times per week. I'm exhausted just writing that.
Now, with that background I decided when first married, with little money & having to use a laundramat, that 2 bath towels, 3 washcloths and 3 hand towels per person was plenty. I choose hand towels for everyday use, afterall we're clean when using a bathtowel.
Sheets - 2 sets are enough. One on the bed, one in the wash or closet.
Calculate how much you spent on linens that are stored and how much you are spending on storing them. For me, it's a no brainer.