Thursday, January 11, 2007

Home Improvement Part II

I am almost finished priming the hall and hall closet. The closet has shelves, all of which needed to be painted. Lots of little surfaces, so a lot of brushwork. I ran out of primer with only one side of the closet door left to go. And, since we are having a cold snap with dustings of snow here, the paint store decided to close early.

My dear husband hates to paint. He loves the end results, but the process is no fun for him. I like to paint. The instant transformation is so satisfying. What is tedious is the preparation--all that taping, and so on. It's at least a three day project to paint a house surface for us. I have no idea how they do it so fast on those home shows. Maybe they're working with newish houses that have a decent surface to start out with. All I know is that even TSP didn't get off all the scuffs and stains in my closet.

I'll snap a picture for you later today.

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