Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hallway Photos!

The hallway is (almost) done! Yay!! The light fixture was installed yesterday, and the closet is now re-stocked. All that is left is the switch plate (need to buy a new one, the old was too gross) and put in the bullnose molding at the baseboards. Two weeks and counting my friends, that's home improvement for you.

And here are the things that are going out the door. There wasn't as much excess as I had thought. We like flannel sheets in the winter, so I want to keep two sets of those for each bed. And, two sets of plain percale cotton for the warmer seasons.


Clutter Buddy said...

It looks awesome! Gratz on a job well done! :)

M said...

That looks terrific! I love the red. You did a wonderful job. :)