Friday, January 19, 2007

Task List

Time for a little task list, to keep me from feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything. Today I:

  • Took the boxes and bins of Christmas decorations out to the garage. They actually go in the garage attic, but getting them there is a two-person job.
  • Swapped out large plates for smaller ones
  • Ran two loads of laundry and one of dishes
  • Updated my blog :-)
  • Found the books I've listed on Paperbackswap, and mailed one that had been requested
  • Dumped the kitchen compost into the Yard Waste bin and cleaned the compost bucket
  • Did a stash & dash to clean out my car. There was an entire large laundry basket of odds and ends (mostly toys, coats and lunch bags) in there!
  • Sorted through the boxes of leftover books from recent bookselling. I've consolidated the books the store didn't take, and re-sorted them into 'sell at another bookstore' and 'donate'.
  • Paid some bills online

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