Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Box of Books Sold

I've been selling them one by one to a local used bookstore. They have two branches, and I'll often take a box to the larger branch, and then take what's left to the smaller. I'm amassing store credit slips! The first time, I took the cash. But then I realized that since I will buy books (or magazines) ANYWAY, I should take the credit and just be sure to make my print media purchases at those stores.

I still don't like to watch them, so I always drop off the box and come back a long time later, when I'm sure they'll be completely finished. I don't look at the pile of books they've chosen to purchase, I just take the credit slip.

We all cope in our own ways, don't we?


Jay Bazuzi said...

God for you, taking those books to the store. Keep it up!

For me, saving store credit slips is just one additional burden of stuff. I have to carefully save it, keep track of it, and remember to bring it with me when I go next time.

With cash, I can put it to my regular pool of money, and then remove it when I get to the store.

In Recovery said...

THat's a good point about cash. However, the difference in the amounts they give you (half again as much if you take trade vs. cash) tempts my greedy, yet frugal side.

Anonymous said...

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