Monday, January 08, 2007

Two More Bags Out the Door

Yesterday, I dropped off two bags of donations at the Goodwill store in our neighborhood. I like the way Goodwill helps recent immigrants and others who need assistance with job training, so I donate to them when I have a choice.

Here's the problem: when I'm at a thrift store I tend to want to step inside and shop. Yesterday was no exception. I saw a coat I liked, some games, some books. But, before I headed to the checkout, I stopped and thought about what I was doing. I put the coat back, and the games (while they might have been fun, we have plenty of games that we KNOW are fun that we don't have the time to play). I left with only a few things, including a kid's thermos that has been on the list for a while. I did get some of the books, six for older DD, one for me and one for my husband (on playing the bass guitar).

I did not want to put that coat back. It was expensive for a thrift store, at $24.99, and it did fit just fine. But...the style was one that tends to make me look frumpy. It's a safety look, a covered up look, and definately not my best look. So, reluctantly, I put it back. I kept wishing I had never seen it, for then I would not have yearned for it. That's the real secret to success in the quest to avoid clutter: avoid temptation, avoid shopping, avoid browsing, don't look!

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LH said...

That's great about the more bag out! Those shops can be tempting. Good for your for putting the game and coat back. I tell myself, "When is a bargain not a bargain. . .when you don't need it..." :-)