Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Home Improvement Part I

Late last night, while trying to fall asleep, I decided that I would paint our hallway today. This hallway has been meant to be painted since we moved into our house, ten years ago. Four years ago, when we had our bathroom remodeled, the contractors removed an old doorway to nowhere and wallboarded over it. They didn't paint it because, well, we were going to. It's in said hallway. It's still covered in the primer from the wallboard, but now it's scuffed and dirty.

I had forgotten how much is involved in a painting project. Decision. Prep--drop cloths, blue masking tape (because you know it will take longer than you think, so don't even consider being cheap and using the rgular tan stuff). Then, washing the walls and ceiling and trim. I had to wash, to get rid of spider webs, dirt, and because the old paint is of unknown vintage, so I needed as clean a surface as possible, to ensure that the new coats stick. I had to spackle some dings in plaster, and holes in wood trim. Next is sanding, then, finally, I can prime the surface. Walls first, then trim? Or vice versa? Ceiling first? I think's been a while.

Here's a shot of the old hallway, with drop cloth and painting light. Note the hideous tan-pinky-beige colour. Yes, we've lived with that for ten years. The new trim will be white, to match what we've repainted in older DD's room and the bathroom. I haven't decided on a colour for the walls though. Cream, pale blue, something like that. Not too dark, as it's a small space, but something fresh. Anyone have a Feng Shui book handy, to tell me what a good colour for a hallway would be? I should check the BaGua too.

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Beth said...

Wow, it's wierd that I can picture your hallway just from that picture! I remember what a difference that bathroom remodel made and how it made me long for the day when I, too, owned a house that I could make my own.
Sigh... if only I'd known.
Now, 4 years later... I join you in laughing at me!