Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Essential Truths

If you have one pen, you'll always know where it is. If you have a dozen, you'll constantly be searching for one.

Apply that to everything and you have the life of a hoarder. We have EVERYTHING and we can find NOTHING.

I've talked about my bathroom before, haven't I? It's the tidiest room in the house, takes about 15 minutes to clean and is relaxing to be in. Why? Because there's no vanity! No etagere! Here, let me show you:

The contractors kept asking us if we were sure about not having a vanity. We knew we wanted a wall-mounted sink, to give a 1940's effect to match our house. They'd suggest hanging a curtain around the sink and putting some shelves underneath. I kept saying "No thanks!". I knew the dangers of it--our old bathroom had a vanity with cupboard underneath and a large medicine cabinet. It was always stuffed full of who knows what. Junk. Old makeup, appliances I never used, extra shampoos and hair treatments. Bubble bath enough for a sorority. I love the new space because it's almost impossible to clutter it up. Everything there is USED almost daily. Those silver cannisters atop the toilet? They hold manicure tools (nail clippers, etc) and Q-tips. The medicine cabinet holds tooth brushes, shaving needs, contact lens solutions. Not much else. Not much else is needed. Now, I do have a linen closet nearby, so I don't need to store my towels in the bathroom as some do.

Coming soon...notes on a kitchen makeover!


Jay Bazuzi said...

"Bubble bath enough for a sorority."

Yeah, that idea is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. :-)

ObClutter: how often have we been told that we need more storage to get our stuff in order? As you've seen, it has the opposite effect!

WisdomBuilders said...

Bravo! I have read several of your blogs and you inspire me. I would love to have as much progress on my de-junking as you have had. I'm making headway, but it's slow and in spurts. My children took care of my excess bubblebath yesterday, when they secretly dumped the entire contents of four bottles in their room!! Oh, the mess. LOL!