Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday Dad!

I'm sad he's not here to celebrate. My dad was born in 1908, one hundred years ago today.

The above photo was taken at his work. When he met my mom, he was working as a longshoreman on the San Francisco Waterfront. I can't remember his pier #... He retired when I was in first grade or so, and then started working again a few years later. I guess it was hard to support a family on his ILWU-PMA pension. And, he liked to work, it was his main social outlet.

My dad was a great guy and a great dad. He had a lot of friends, was very social, and loved to chat with people of all types. He shared his love of reading with me. I remember one time when he tricked me into an addiction to Sherlock Holmes. He knew I'd enjoy them once I got started, so he paid me $1 to read the story "Silver Blaze". Of course, I did get hooked, and read all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's ouvre.

I miss him all the time. He passed away in 1986. He was and is dearly loved.

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WisdomBuilders said...

Sounds like a really great and honorable man! Happy Birthday Celebrating his life.