Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Itching to Stray

I tortured myself on Sunday by looking at the Target circular. Their ads are so nicely done! They're well-organized, easy to read, and aren't overwhelming as some ads are (for example, I NEVER look at the Penney's or Macy's ads...too much stuff to sort through).

There's only one item I use regularly that's on sale for a good price. My beloved Method cleaning spray. But, it's more important to me to stick to my Lenten intention that to stock up on cleaning spray. And, I do still have some Mrs. Meyer's geranium stuff, though I don't like the smell as well.

And yes, the smell of a cleaner is more important to me than the cleaning power. If I like the way it smells, I'm more likely to use it, so that'll outweigh any minor cleaning strength differences.

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Anonymous said...

Might I suggest tossing the ads before you read them! That's what I do, because otherwise I find something I just can't live without, which really I can!