Friday, March 21, 2008

Kitchen Makeover: Project Creep!

So, as you my stalwart readers know, I had decided not to change out the countertops and sink, due to, well, apprehension let's say, about how that all would go. A dear friend, let me call him Mr. Berry, who is a contractor, strongly suggested that we re-do the countertops and sink. He came by today, and make some suggestions, and, well, here's the result. I'm half "oh my God, what have I done?" and "Wow, this'll be great!". What do you think?

We're going to go with laminate again on the countertops, and a self-lipping white sink, same basic dimenions. Here's the laminate we've chosen:


Michele said...

As someone going through a major, multi-year remodel, I think it sounds like a great decision. You put in so much work stripping and painting, my guess is that the old countertops and sink wouldn't do the cabinets justice . I wrote a post on remodeling budgets and add-on projects here:

Anonymous said...

I think it will look mahvelous, dahling. You do know your limits, and I think redoing the counters now is the best. Otherwise you will have brand new everything else, and the counters and sink will look old and decrepit. Hang in there!!! kc