Friday, March 07, 2008

The Kitchen: Letting Go of the Avocado

Take a look. It's green. Lots of green. A 40" stove of green.

Soon, it'll be some other colour. Probably white. Lots of white.

Yes, I'm re-doing my kitchen. It's not a remodel because I'm not changing the structure. I am changing the paint, the floor and the appliances. The appliances will be white. I'm especially excited about my choice for a new fridge. Why? Because it's small! It's only 24" deep and 24" wide. It's 80" high and has a freezer on the bottom not the top. It's capacity is 7.1 cubic feet. Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, it's small. But small, for me, is better. You know why? Because I won't be able to keep those ten jars of jam (yes, I have 10 jars of jam in my fridge!) anymore. Or that old miso (hey, it might still be good!) or stock up too much. For me, I've found that a small amount of storage is best. If I can't change myself, I *can* change my environment.


Gruppie Girl said...

Haven't you heard. It's not called "avacado" anymore. Now it's "sage."

You are earth and hip without even knowing it.

I'm the Mom said...

Reminds me of growing up. We had the green stove and fridge. Personally give me white any day! New fridge sounds wonderful. Speaking of colors and fridges when I moved in with DH he had a lovely mustard color fridge. (don't know the actually color name of those) I sure was glad when that thing died.

Lucy said...

I really love that fridge! It wuld be perfect for my husband and me--we never have enough perishables to fill up our normal-sized fridge. All I can ever think about is all the wasted energy I pay to run something half-empty.