Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lenten Resolution Update

For those of you following along, I made it through Lent with my resolution intact. I didn't set foot in either Target or any thrift store for the entirety of Lent. And, I still haven't even though Lent is now over.


Anonymous said...

Great job! So, do you think that it will be easy to stay out now that you've gone past the 28 days that it takes to make (or break) a habit? Or do you think it runs deeper than that?

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I'm taking it one week at a time! I do miss the book section at the thrift store, with .69 paperbacks and the great deals on kids' books. But really, the library has all I need.

Monica said...

Congratulations! Man, I remember the days I would be at Target 3 times a week scouring the shelves for clearance items. It helps that Target is 30 minutes away now and my home is less cluttered because of it. :)