Saturday, August 05, 2006

Big Plans

I am quite thrown by my digital camera's demise. One of the reasons I did this journey as a blog was to share before, during and after pictures. How can I do that without a camera? Of course, I do have a film camera, but no scanner, and the immediacy is lost.

But, you will be proud of me. I'm not going to let it stop me.

Today, I have big plans. Unfortunately, I need more bins. Laugh if you will (I can hear you, really I can), but I do. I need to clear our all the stuff in the big one's room and in the basement. I've made a radical decision: I'm going to move all the junk to the garage and make it a staging area for sorting. I just have this feeling that things will get better for me emotionally if the stuff is out of the house, even if it isn't dealt with yet. I'll update you and we'll see if I'm right or delusional.

* * *

This morning, I took care of a task I'd been putting off. Our dining room table has chairs on one side, and a bench with storage cubbies under it on the other side. Those cubbies had become, shall we say, full? One bin had old phone books (easy to fix, as the new books came just the other day. Now they have a home.). The middle bin was my stash & dash bin. Newspaper clippings, crossword puzzles, whole newspapers, you get the idea. It's all cleared out. I have a small stack of papers to be filed (tax receipts and the like) and a small stack to keep (articles on places I'd like to go, recipes etc). I was ruthless about that last category. Am I going to make Irish Stew with twenty ingredients? No! So, out it goes.

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