Friday, August 11, 2006

Pushing through the Resistance

With the help of a clutter buddy, that is.

I am lucky enough to have a clutter buddy--someone who is decluttering at the same time as me. Today, we did some work at her house. Made amazing progress. I wish we'd taken pictures, but suffice to say that a once cluttered, hard to use room is now a restful, clean oasis.

Going through some of her harder items to toss and seeing how she'd worked through what she needed to in order to be able to let those things go gave me the impetus and emotional energy I needed to tackle those sewing bins.

I culled three of my bins (these are 18 Gallon Rubbermaid bins I'm talking about, same size as that huge stack of ebay ones in my garage as seen below) and reduced the contents to one. I have several bags of donations, including quilting fabrics for Project Linus, a group that provides handmade blankets and quilts to seriously ill children around the country. Another few things will go a friend who quilts. I saved only some patterns, tools, and a few small pieces of fabric that I especially like.

1 comment:

clutter buddy said...

You say we did "some work"? More like hours of hard, make me sweat work! You were such a big help.

And there is a VERY good reason we did not take pictures, although I'd be happy to post an 'after'. Other than my husband and kids I can count on one hand the number of people that have seen that room in the last 2 years!