Monday, August 21, 2006

Catching Up

I have to write down what I've managed to take care of since yesterday, so I don't forget and think I'm turning into a slacker.

First, here's a lovely little essay on how to stop making piles of junk.

  • Took out all the trash and recycling that had built up.

  • Did laundry. The hampers are close to empty--that is, so low that it's not worth doing a load yet.

  • Working in Older Daughter's room, boxing up stuff she doesn't use or that is just too much for the space.

  • Three more bags of donations tossed onto the pile.

  • Built a new shoe rack. IKEA to the rescue! It matches the lovely coat rack I put together a few days ago.

  • Finished dusting Older Daughter's room. Swapped her old rug for a new one. Re-packaged her Legos into one larger bin rather than three smaller ones.

  • Vacuumed living room rug again, and the downstairs rug that I'd not yet done. Looks much nicer!

  • Cleaned out my car. Now, what to do with the boxes of junk I just pulled out of it??

  • Dumped two more bags of garbage and one of recycling.

  • Cleaned toys out of Husband's car.

  • Cleared off dining room table (it's a large flat surface, what can I say?) and changed the table cloth and placemats.

  • Swiffered the dining room and hallway.

  • Culled two more cds by listening and saying 'eh'.

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