Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Move Your Stuff...

Change Your Life. One of my new favourite Feng Shui books. And, that's what I did today (with some help).

Today was IKEA day. There are many areas that need a bit of a lift, so those needs were addressed. I'll share some pictures once I have everything unwrapped and in place.

The big change came once we came back home. I'd been pondering changing out our entertainment center for quite a while. We have a wood-coloured (fake veneer) particle board armoire-style center. It actually doesn't look too bad, but it's chipped, the doors to the cabinet section stick and are uneven. And it hulked over the room. I'd been looking for a replacement, but couldn't find anything in a reasonable price range that had the right dimensions. the basement, we had some older pieces that had been basically in storage for 9 years. For some reason, even though I'd been suggesting for a while that we donate them, they came to mind. We call them the Tetris bricks, because they are two pieces shaped like the 'L' in the game Tetris. They can fit together in many ways for a different look.

With some good-natured help from my mother-in-law, we moved everything off the old unit (and there was a lot of stuff--TV, DVD player, receiver, many many many DVDs and CDs as well), and brought the new pieces up from the basement. A careful diagram of the connecting plugs later, we'd made the change.

It looks nice. More open. The TV, which had been feeling small, seems larger and easier to see outside of its confined space. I'll need another culling pass with the DVDs and the CDs, but that's not a bad thing, is it?

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