Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's Getting Harder

The easy stuff is done. What I have to deal with now is very hard and progress is slow. I keep finding boxes with 'precious' things in them. I tried to sort some of my sewing supplies today. It just didn't work. I'd open a bin, pull a few things out and put them all back. It felt futile. With each piece, each object, I found myself saying 'but that's still useful!' 'but I could make a dress up outfit out of that!' 'but that's going to be my Rennaissance Faire costume!'.

Right. Like I have time for major sewing projects. Like I even go to the Rennaissance Faire (we have at least three in our area. I've gone to one, one single time. Seven years ago.). So, can I just give all that stuff away? Is it possible?

I have a dream of making my junk/scrap/stuff room into a guest room. It'll need to be done soon, as I have a guest coming in September. Early September.

Please, give me strength!

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Shannon said...

It's hard isn't it! My only advice is to do the easy stuff first. Unless you really really REALLY need/want to get that room done. But you know, if you haven't gone to a Ren Faire in 7 years . . . . in 7 more years when you finally decide to go you can buy new stuff to make that outfit, right? :) I'm loving your blog by the way and I hope the camera is fixed soon!