Saturday, August 05, 2006

So Far...

I've moved a large table out of the 'scrapbooking room' (aka 'the junk room') and into the garage. Plan is to use it for sorting. While clearing off the table, I tackled 7 small Rubbermaid & Sterlite boxes. These are the small, 6 quart size. They often sell them as 'shoe boxes'. Well, mine were all chock full of: pens, papers, notecards, stationary, postcards, pencils, paper clips etc. I purged so much that there are now only three boxes, and each is NOT stuffed to the brim. Felt *SO* good. Such relief. With each item into the toss pile, I kept thinking 'why did I keep this for so long? why did I think this was so precious?' And so on and so forth.

There were boxes stored under the table that I had to move before actually moving the table. Can I tell you how much my back hurts now? I glanced in a few of the boxes. Some have books that I want to see on my shelves again. Books that make me happy. Some had old school papers that I need to purge. I did a purge of them a few years ago, but I still have two full boxes and that's too many considering how long I've been out of school (going on ten years now).

Here's the interesting part. In a couple of boxes were large paperback graphic novels. It'll age me, but I'll tell you some of the names. ElfQuest, Dazzler the Movie, X-Men, New Mutants, She-Hulk. Some of them made me want to take a break and read them, but the bulk of them? I just got this awful feeling inside that spoke to me and it said "How long do I have to tend these things? When can I give them up?" That's when I left the room and went to check ebay prices. Yup, they'll go for enough to make it worth while. Ebay pile is getting bigger and me with no digital camera.:-)

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