Wednesday, August 16, 2006

No New Pictures Yet...But Lots of Progress

I still can't post pictures. No idea why not. Very frustrating!

Today, so far, I've poked about a little. Here's what I've accomplished so far:

  • Sorted through record albums. These were taking up an entire shelf of the built-in bookcase in the guest room. I have a stack of tentative keepers, and husband's are out in the garage on a table for him to sort. I've decided to put his questionable stuff--that is, things that I'm not sure if he wants to keep or not--all together on or under a card table in the garage, with his name on each box so he knows it's his.

  • Vacuumed the basement stairs. Takes about two minutes and instantly makes the house feel tidier.

  • Filled another box of books to sell and moved them to the 'books to sell' stack in the garage. There are sixteen banker-style boxes now!

  • Shredded some old documents.

  • Sorted a box of office supplies. Kept a few, the rest go to Older Daughter's school or are to be donated.

  • Paid bills.

  • Took care of a financial task I'd been putting off.

  • Had a decent breakfast, coffee, and read the paper. :-)

  • Update!

  • Finished filling, put lids on, and took to the garage two more bins/boxes of ebay stuff.

  • Vacuumed two of the four rugs in the basement. They are still stained (well, it's a basement! Things like paint get spilled there!), but look much better

  • Changed the cat litter and vacuumed the bathroom.

  • Moved books that had been sitting on the living room couch (because they were on that consold table that I moved downstairs yesterday) to the now-free shelf in the built-in bookcase in the basement. Culled out a few while I was at it.

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