Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Flylady was Right (Again!)

The Flylady is a familiar figure to those of us on the Internet interested in: housekeeping, cooking, home organization, clutter control, etc. She's a very sensible person who shares her life lessons with thousands of people.

Well, she has lots of bits of advice, one of which is to give your bathroom a 'swish and a swipe' every day. I don't do that. But, I did have a habit of cleaning the bathroom once a week. It took about 15 minutes, and the bathroom sparkled. My technique is below, for those interested.

Now, it's been over a month since I last cleaned the bathroom. Why? Well, I've been frustrated with the house in general and with myself as well. Frustrated with the dear husband. Sick and tired of all the clutter and junk. So, I didn't do it. The ironic thing is...that bit of cleaning took so little time and made such a difference.

I cleaned the bathroom this evening. It took easily twice as long as it used to, because of the built up grime and gunk.

So, lesson? Trust the Flylady.

(My Bathroom mMethod, adapted from the Flylady: Windex the mirrors, paper towel off, use that towel to clean the sink and faucet, Swiffer the floor-remove stepstool, potty, etc. first, wipe down tub, toilet, windowsill, floor. Finish with a fresh rug, fresh bathmat and fresh handtowel. Spray room scent.)

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