Saturday, August 12, 2006

Long Day

I've been working since 7 a.m. this morning. Here's some of what I did:

  • I used to do stash & dash in older daughter's room. I found two bins in the basement of those stash & dash results. Cleared them out today. Some I had to keep, but there was a lot of recycling, trash and give-away too.

  • Conquered another crafty bin. I found a messy bin full of yarn, knitting needles, half started projects, and gadgets. I saved a small tote bag's worth, including my favourite needles (the ones I don't love are in an ebay bin), a skein or two of yarn and some of the gadgets.

  • The Christmas and Halloween decorations and such have been binned or boxed, labeled and moved to the garage attic.

  • My built-in bookshelf in the craft/scrapbook/guest room now has only books on it, and they are only double-stacked in one small section (and those are all by the same author--Nora Roberts anyone?)

  • I did a quick clean of the refridgerator, tossing old leftovers and such.

  • I emptied a wooden toy box (about 2' x 3' in size) of its collection of miscellaneous stuff. It is now empty and I need to decide if I should keep it. Keeping it requires painting it, as it's unfinished wood and will look like crap if it gets used unpainted.

  • Found all the pieces to a cool dinosaur floor puzzle (pieces had been in three separate bins in the basement!!)

  • Filled two more boxes of books.

  • Filled three huge bags of quilting fabrics destined for Project Linus

  • I am exhausted!

I think that's about all, but there may be more later.

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